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Journey to the West of Bali

Experiences unrivalled tailor-made adventures in the west of Bali

Kelapa Retreat & Spa prides itself on being a peaceful haven for those with busy lives. A place for people to rest, relax and be calm in, a space to slow down time – where recovery and discovery of self is possible. Most of our retreat activities aim to maintain tranquillity at the retreat. On special occasions throughout the year we invite local artists to perform traditional Balinese music and dance.

Our Values

reconnect to yourself and Mother earth

Our guests can participate in daily held yoga classes and walk on the endless empty fine silver-grey beach in both directions. Large infinity pools offer the possibility to swim and float while contemplating nature. Directly opposite the hotel turquoise waves await for body-boarding and surfing. Body boards are freely available for our guests to use whenever they wish. For more advanced surfers, the surf beach of Medewi is a short hop away by car. A twenty minute stroll along the beach to the original fishing village of Pekutatan with its friendly residents is worthy of a visit. The fishermen can also take you on a morning fishing trip, after which our chefs can prepare your catch for dinner!


Our Kelapa Sailing & Fishing Boat

We own a small local fishing boat which we use for our guest’s excursions and to supply our Tides Restaurant with fresh fish. Nearly every morning a local fisherman sails out onto the ocean. Occasionally, when the waves are too large and dangerous to navigate, all local fisherman stay at home. We monitor the waves closely and each fisherman is, of course, an expert sailor!


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