Spiritual Wellness Journey

Indulge in peaceful spirit 3 Nights program to Balancing your Body & Mind

Spiritual Wellness Journey

” My Daughter…. if your mind and soul are impure, and your life essence doesn’t show on your skin, save some spare time, plunge your body into water and sprinkle yourself with the potpourri of “The Blooming of the Universe”.

Implore and purification will flow into your skin, soul and your mind.
(“Jagad Sumringah” – folksong, 1706)

Reconet your body, mind and spirit with this mother earth transformative, minimum three-night retreat. Escape to the west of Bali, heal and release block energy through this treatment during 3 nights retreat.

Feel, see and hear the new exploration to the of west balinese with exclusive visitation to temples, spa treatments, healthy food, spiritual interactions and traditional Balinese wellness rituals, only at Kelapa Retreat & spa.

Sample itinerary:

Day 1

Welcome and orientation

60-minute Balinese Massage

Day 2

Feel the sacred vibration of Pura Perancak, one of the ancient temple in the west bali visited by the first Rsi so called  Dang Hyang Dwijendra.

60-minute hot stone body balancing

One time lite healthy lunch from local recipes for rebalance your body.

Day 3

Next visit to discover the journey of Dang Hyang Dwijendra to Pura Rambut Siwi, one of the most notable temples in the west bali region renowned for prosperity and safety blessing.

60-minute personalised herbal spa treatment

Healthy dinner by our chef to complete your nourishing body and mind

Day 4

Purification & blessing ceremony at Kelapa’s own beachside temple, situated in front of the beach.

30-minute back and head shoulder massage combining with foot reflexology

Package Start IDR. 21.900,000++

 All above rates are not inclusive of 21% tax and service charge

Package available immediately to December 21st, 2023


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