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Yoga Program & Rate

Regular guests are welcome to join the Morning Yoga Group Class
Price: $12.50++ per person

Private Yoga Classes are also available, tailored by our resident yoga therapist to your personal needs. All levels welcome! Don’t worry if you aren’t flexible! Not being able to touch your toes is of little importance. Our experienced yoga teacher offers individual care, variations and tips to each student depending on their unique needs, level and limitations. Private Classes can take place on the yoga platform at the beach or in the privacy of your own villa terrace.
Price: $26.00++ one person / $45.00++ two people

Yoga Nidra is a 60 minute guided visualization meditation, a powerful relaxation and stress reducing technique that naturally calms the nervous system.It is practiced lying down with the eyes closed while the instructor verbally guides you. The practitioner learns to deeply relax the body while training the mind to rid itself of mental ‘noise’ or disharmony caused by worries and stress. It can also be utilized for self healing and creative inspiration.
Price: $22++ for 1-2 people

Introduction to Meditation is a 60 minute class where you can learn the basics of meditation and explore techniques on how to quieten the busy mind and enjoy a deeper awareness of life’s experience.
Price: $22++ for 1-2 people

After private sessions, enjoy a coconut drink / special Kelapa health drink included in price

A portion of the yoga session proceeds are donated to various local village projects